The best seafood restaurants in Holbox

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The best seafood restaurants in Holbox

The best seafood restaurants here embrace a unique challenge. And that is the essence of island living. Holbox is famous for its pristine beauty and serene surroundings. It presents an extraordinary setting for dining. Here the bounty of the sea comes with a commitment to sustainable practices. Amidst the limited resources of a small island, these restaurants shine by respecting closed fishing seasons. They source local ingredients, and craft seafood dishes that not only honor the flavors of the ocean but also the preservation of this idyllic paradise. Here are the best seafood restaurants in Holbox.

The best seafood restaurants in Holbox: Mahi Holbox

Mahi Holbox stands out not only for its fantastic service but also for its commitment to delivering delicious seafood dishes on the island. Oscar is the owner. He keeps a watchful eye on the dining experience. The restaurant offers friendly staff and a delightful menu. It’s a place where attention to detail is evident. From serving the best fries on the island to providing flavorful salsas and complimentary cups of shrimp caldo for an extra touch of hospitality. Don’t miss the scallop aguachile or the mango and yam bean tostada with tuna. Both of which showcase the island’s fresh and vibrant flavors.

Viva Zapata

Viva Zapata offers a great fusion of native and Mediterranean cuisine. This makes it a standout seafood restaurant. The catch of the day is a highlight, and their dishes are generously portioned. With options like the Grill plate featuring beef, fish, and shrimps, perfect for sharing. Their margaritas are a crowd-pleaser, and the menu includes must-try items. Such as the garlic lobster medallion, fish quesadilla, and a delightful crème brûlée cheesecake to conclude your meal on a sweet note.

The best seafood restaurants in Holbox: Fresco Bar & Grill

Fresco Bar & Grill is a fantastic beach club in one of the most picturesque sections of Holbox, offering breathtaking sunset views. Visitors often rave about Gabino, a highly recommended and friendly waiter. The restaurant delights patrons with their mouthwatering Baja tacos and delectable lobster quesadilla, beautifully presented for an enjoyable dining experience. Additionally, Fresco Bar & Grill boasts a beach club right below the restaurant, complete with music and hookah for those looking to relax by the shore. For early risers, they also serve a delightful breakfast featuring fluffy pancakes and satisfying avocado toast, ensuring a great start to the day.

El Crustaceo Kascarudo

El Crustaceo Kascarudo, playfully named after the Spanish translation of SpongeBob SquarePants’ Krusty Krab, offers a unique dining experience on Holbox. While their wine selection might be limited, they make up for it with an extensive mezcal collection, creating a well-balanced beverage menu. This restaurant is renowned for being one of the most budget-friendly options to savor excellent lobster dishes on the island. With the added charm of a brick oven, El Crustaceo Kascarudo serves up crowd-pleasers like their famous lobster pizza. Don’t miss out on their other delectable offerings, such as the tuna steak tacos, locally seasoned tikinxic fish fillet, or the refreshing shrimp aguachile.