The new Yum Kaax market in Chetumal

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The new Yum Kaax market in Chetumal

Tianguis Comercial Yum Kaax will help the sale and purchase of regional and imported products at low cost. It will take advantage of the recovered condition of free zone. It is going to have almost 3.4 acres of commercial premises and 12 acres of open spaces. They will have the flexibility for different uses. Here are some words on the new Yum Kaax market in Chetumal.

What to expect

This project is set to dazzle producers, distributors, savvy shoppers, and global trade aficionados alike. Picture a place where outlet stores beckon with irresistible deals. Where international commerce weaves a tapestry of cultural exchanges. And also, light manufacturing hums with creativity. Here you’ll discover a world where hotels offer comfortable respites. Also, where offices buzz with innovation, and co-working spaces foster collaboration.

The new Yum Kaax market in Chetumal: A tourism hub

This new commercial tianguis in Chetumal isn’t just about commerce. It’s about creating a symphony of possibilities for the entire region. It has a grand vision to ignite synergy and amplify local projects. This place will be the epicenter of dynamic trade, offering an array of products and services that’ll put a twinkle in your eye and a boost in the local economy’s step.

What does Yum Kaax mean?

The name “Yum Kaax” holds profound significance in Maya culture, representing the god of wild vegetation and guardian of its creatures. In the ancient Maya belief system, “Yum Kaax” signified the owner and lord of the mountains, embodying the essence of nature’s abundance and vitality. According to tradition, failure to pay tribute to this benevolent deity could result in ailments or crop misfortunes for farmers.

Now, consider why “Yum Kaax Market” in Chetumal bears this name. The choice of such a rich and culturally meaningful name for the market highlights its deep-rooted connection to the region’s heritage. It signifies a place where the bountiful offerings of nature and the vibrant spirit of local commerce converge. Like the god Yum Kaax himself, this market is a guardian of tradition and a source of sustenance for the community, ensuring that the legacy of Maya culture thrives and prospers.

The new Yum Kaax market in Chetumal: The new Yum Kaax market in ChetumalWhen will it be ready?

The Chetumal Commercial Tianguis has arrived to be developed in conjunction with other projects in the region such as the distinguished Mayan Train with its routes and stations, which is expected to start in December 2023.