The Costa Maya port is a destination for everyone

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The Costa Maya port is a destination for everyone

The Costa Maya port is a testament to the vision and determination of its creators. It began to take shape during the vibrant 1990s. It sought to harness the untapped potential of this coastal gem and transform it into a haven for tourists seeking unforgettable experiences. However, it wasn’t until the early to mid-2000s that the first wave of intrepid travelers set foot on its shores. Here are some tips on the Costa Maya Port.

What to expect

The essence of this port is encapsulated in its name. As it exists with the singular mission of becoming a gateway to unparalleled tourism experiences. The name “Puerto Costa Maya” pays homage to the visionaries who recognized the immense potential of this coastal paradise.

Prepare yourself for some underwater adventures. Most likely the allure of exploring the depths of the ocean will entice you. So be sure to pay a visit to the dive shops all around the dock.

Mahahual, in particular, holds a special place in the hearts of travelers embarking on Mexican cruises. It serves as a gateway to the treasures of Costa Maya.

The Costa Maya Port: What to do

The number one attraction of the Costa Maya is undoubtedly the long sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. For several hundred miles, you can enjoy the softness of the Caribbean with your feet in the white sand. A true paradise for sunbathing in the tropics: you will love it.

Delving into the depths of the crystal-clear blue waters of Costa Maya is an absolute must for avid divers. As you embark on your underwater odyssey, you may even encounter the remnants of ancient shipwrecks, silently bearing witness to the rich history that lies beneath the waves.

The Costa Maya Port: moving around

There are a variety of convenient transportation options at your disposal, ensuring seamless exploration of its alluring surroundings. From leisurely rides to thrilling adventures, Costa Maya offers a range of transportation methods to suit every traveler’s preference and destination.

For a unique and enjoyable means of getting around the charming town of Mahahual and its immediate vicinity, golf carts are a popular choice. Renting a golf cart in advance allows you to traverse the quaint streets of Mahahual at your own pace, immersing yourself in the local ambiance.

As you venture further afield, taxi cabs provide a ubiquitous mode of transportation throughout the Costa Maya region. With taxis readily available at your disposal, simply flag one down and negotiate a fair price to reach your desired destination with ease.

The Costa Maya port: Bacalar is really close

For those seeking to embark on unforgettable excursions to more distant attractions, such as the awe-inspiring Mayan ruins or the breathtaking Bacalar Lagoon, joining an organized excursion is highly recommended. These thoughtfully crafted tours not only grant you the opportunity to explore these remarkable sites but also ensure comfortable and reliable transportation to and from your chosen destinations.