Get the Blues at Azul Cenote

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Get the Blues at Azul Cenote

One of the most popular tourist activities in the Riviera Maya, so full of cenotes, is cenote-hopping, or cenote touring: visiting a few on the same day. On one of the most popular cenote routes, Azul simply cannot be missing from your cenote checklist.

Where is Azul Cenote?

If you stand on the Chetumal-Cancun Highway and throw a rock, you’ll hit a cenote (don’t, though). Azul, outside Puerto Aventuras, is just one of the many, and combining it with other popular cenotes is as easy as the ABCs (C for cenote). Cristalino is so close, you can cover the distance between them by walking.

As the “colectivos”—small public transport vans—move up and down the highway all day, they’re constantly passing through here, making it easy to get here and leave. There’s also a taxi base near the entrance.

The facilities

To save yourself the walk between the cenote and the highway, you can also get here in your car, as Azul has a parking lot.

You’ll find all the normal cenote commodities at Azul: bathrooms and changing rooms, for starters. If you don’t have a lifejacket of your own, you can rent one here for an extra fee, as well as snorkeling equipment.

There’s an area of shaded tables, too. You can bring your food to eat here, or you can get something from the snack bar—or a taco!

The Azul in Azul Cenote

In case you’ve forgotten your high school Spanish, “azul”’ means blue. The reason for this cenote’s name becomes obvious at first glance. The rocks under the surface give it a deep blue shade. It looks so alien against the green from the surrounding plants.

There are wide walkways around and across the water, which make it easy to move around, as it can get quite crowded.

The depth is so variable that the kids can enjoy the low-depth area while others jump off a 10-foot cliff into the deep end without the worry of hitting the bottom. It even has a couple of caves to explore.