City of Felipe Carrillo Puerto: a place of Mayan resistance

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City of Felipe Carrillo Puerto: a place of Mayan resistance

The city of Felipe Carrillo Puerto is a municipality that started its history when the Mayans founded it during the Caste War and eventually became the state capital. It lies 100 miles from Chetumal in the state’s heart. UNESCO designated it as a World Heritage Site because its economy is focused on agricultural output, fishing, forestry, and, more recently, alternative tourism.

What to expect

You will finde beautiful hotels and tourist attractions in the city of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Indeed, this town is in the center of Quintana Roo. Because of its extensive landscapes, this place is the “Town of the Warriors.” During the Mayan War of Castes, this harbor was a safe haven and vital location.

City of Felipe Carrillo Puerto: A talkative monument

In the city of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, a visit to the Santuario de la Cruz Parlante, “talking cross”, is a must. This location is full of history. The European invaders gathered here the indigenous people in order to evangelize them and persuade them that their deity talked with them through a cross erected on a modest altar.  To get there, you must traverse an alleyway that runs parallel to Felipe Carrillo Puerto’s Calle 60. Keep in mind that you must be barefoot and remove any headwear you may be wearing. Take a walk around the patio and look at the other crosses; the majority of them are made of mahogany.

City of Felipe Carrillo Puerto: What to do

Visit the Sijil Noh Há Ecotourism Center. This eco-place is located in the heart of the former reserve, and it was built with many goals in mind: to safeguard the region’s natural heritage and to provide alternative resources and employment opportunities for the indigenous Mayan inhabitants. They also intended to enhance environmental awareness through activities that encourage respectful interactions with nature. Interpretive trekking, environmental education workshops, exploring Sijil Noh Há’s rich flora and wildlife, visiting a cenote, and other activities are among them. A café, guides, and equipment rental are all available at the ecotourism facility. The guides genuinely want to assist you in getting the most out of your visit.