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what to do in puerto morelos

What to do in Puerto Morelos

Being small doesn’t mean being uninteresting. The Riviera Maya is full of bigger cities and towns to explore, like Playa del Carmen, Cancun, or Cozumel, but there are also other, smaller towns, like Puerto Morelos. But what can you do in Puerto Morelos? Forget about hot, trendy nightclubs and restaurants. This is a place for…
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town of chetumal

Explore the secrets: town of Chetumal

The town of Chetumal is the capital of the state of Quintana Roo, and part of the Grand Costa Maya. It is in the south of the Riviera Maya and Sian Ka’an. The bay of this site has its own appeal, but it’s also worth noting that Chetumal can be a jumping-off point to visit…
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city of felipe carrillo puerto

City of Felipe Carrillo Puerto: a place of Mayan resistance

The city of Felipe Carrillo Puerto is a municipality that started its history when the Mayans founded it during the Caste War and eventually became the state capital. It lies 100 miles from Chetumal in the state’s heart. UNESCO designated it as a World Heritage Site because its economy is focused on agricultural output, fishing,…
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Cancun airport tips

Upgrade your flight experience with these Cancun airport tips

Looking for Cancun airport tips? Because of its tiny size, Cancun Airport is one of the easiest international airports to traverse. Here are a few pointers to help you have a seamless arrival and exit at Cancun Airport. This airport has only two terminals, but don’t let that deceive you; it may get quite crowded…
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The Cozumel Marina

The Cozumel Marina and its new bling

The Cozumel Marina is a project which the Mexican government funds. It spans 108 acres. Its position is unquestionably advantageous. It is only 5 miles and a 10-minute drive from Cozumel’s International Airport. The development is 100 meters, or 5 minutes away for passengers coming from the Puerta Maya cruise terminal. In recent years, it…
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What to do in Merida

What to do in Merida?

Every corner of this beautiful colonial city is a window to an important chapter of Mexican history. It has parks, buildings, monuments, or museums. One can get a pretty good idea of how a city like this came to be within most of them. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the city’s rich culture extends…
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What to do in Akumal

What to do in Akumal 

Despite its small size, Akumal attracts a similar number of visitors each year, comparable to that of bigger cities around the Riviera Maya thanks to the experiences it has to offer. One of which, you can’t find anywhere else. Where is Akumal? Highway 307 is well-known by tourists, not only because it links Quintana Roo’s…
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What to do in Tulum

What is there to do in Tulum?

If you’ve heard of the Riviera Maya, chances are you’ve heard of Tulum and its famous archeological site. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Tulum is one of the most interesting places in the Mexican Caribbean, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, mystical cenotes, and hotels that appear…
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What to do in Valladolid

What to do in Valladolid? 

One of the most important cities in Yucatan—second only to the capital, Merida—there are many things to do in Valladolid to learn the history and culture of the place or just have something yummy to eat. Activities around this colonial city vary a great deal, least of which, this is where you’ll find one of…
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What to do in Cozumel

What is there to do in Cozumel? 

One of the most famous islands—if not the most famous—in Mexico, Cozumel has a wide variety of interesting things to see and do that are very different from its neighbor, Playa del Carmen. While the coastal city is known for its social lifestyle and activities in trendy restaurants and nightclubs, the experience on the island…
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