The best places to visit in Paseo Montejo

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The best places to visit in Paseo Montejo

Paseo Montejo looms along the heart of Mérida. It is a boulevard that echoes the city’s rich hacienda history. Once a testament to the immense wealth of the Yucatecan elite during the henequen boom. This grand avenue now stands as a vibrant and captivating destination in its own right. It is lined with majestic mansions. Each one with its own unique architectural flair. Paseo de Montejo offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s opulent past. Today, this historic boulevard has been revitalized, with charming cafes, museums, art galleries, and boutique shops. They all add a new layer of splendor to this iconic thoroughfare. Here are the best places to visit in Paseo Montejo.

Canton Palace

The Canton Palace, initially General Francisco Canton Rosado’s family residence, was constructed in the early 20th century. In 1959, it became the Regional Museum of Anthropology of Yucatan, showcasing pre-Hispanic Maya society since 1980. This historic mansion festures the Beaux Arts style. It hosts permanent Maya exhibits on the main floor. The upper floor hosts temporary displays, workshops, and cultural events.

The best places to visit in Paseo Montejo: The Twin Houses

The Twin Houses were built by engineer Manuel Cantón and designed by architect M. Umbdenstock. They hold unique features. Despite their name, they differ slightly. The south one having semicircular pediments on its windows. And the north one features a balustrade terrace. In 2014, an alienation process began to preserve them for public enjoyment. One of the Twin Houses, now the Montejo 495 museum, is open to the public, showcasing remarkable architecture and decorative items from various cultures. The cultures include China, Japan, and France, along with 16 Carrara marble columns and ample natural lighting.

Quinta Montes Molina

Quinta Montes Molina, previously Villa Beatriz, features eclectic neoclassical architecture from the Porfiriato era (1876-1911). It was originally built by Don Aurelio Portuondo y Barceló from Havana, Cuba. Later, Doña Josefina Montes Molina preserved the residence unchanged in memory of her parents. Descendants of Don Avelino Montes have now opened it to the public. It is now a House Museum and event venue. The Quinta accommodates gatherings from intimate dinners for two to grand events for a thousand guests.

La Posheria

La Posheria, located in the heart of Mérida along the iconic Paseo de Montejo, stands as a testament to the extraordinary vision of its founder, Julio de la Cruz. Here, within the walls of this remarkable establishment, a life project is unfolding—a project that goes beyond commerce and ventures into the realm of cultural preservation. At La Posheria, the rich tapestry of Mayan tradition is meticulously woven into the fabric of daily life. The focal point of this endeavor is “Pox,” a sacred drink deeply ingrained in the soul of Mayan heritage.

With unwavering dedication, Julio de la Cruz is not only reviving this ancient tradition but also nurturing it, ensuring that it continues to caress the hearts and souls of those who have the privilege of experiencing it. Indeed, this commitment to Pox is not just a business endeavor; it’s a spiritual journey, a heartfelt tribute to the enduring legacy of the Maya people, and a profound testament to the enduring power of tradition in the heart of Mérida.

The best places to visit in Paseo Montejo: Matilda

Matilda Salón Mexicano pays homage to the classic salons of Mexico City. Its vibrant colors, distinctive decor, and immersive atmosphere transport diners to a bygone era of Mexican culinary excellence. This restaurant, with its wealth of experience in food, beverages, and service, aims to fill the void in the region’s Mexican gastronomy scene. While celebrating Mexico’s culinary heritage, Matilda Salón Mexicano remains committed to also honoring the flavors of Yucatecan cuisine.