Kukulkan Plaza mall

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Kukulkan Plaza mall

Kukulkan Plaza mall is one of the most important shopping malls in Cancun, where you can enjoy a great list of fun activities during your vacations in this city. In your next visit to this shopping mall, be sure to take advantage of the numerous possibilities for entertainment and enjoyment.

Some basic info

Also called ‘shopping plaza Kukulcan’, this is a shopping mall in the Cancun area that has been present since 1992, characterized by an avant-garde and spacious design, ideal to welcome tourists who wish to know a little more of the commercial movement of the area. It also stands out for being one of the oldest shopping malls in Cancun.

Kukulkan Plaza mall: What to do

Visiting Plaza Kukulcan is an excellent option for any day of your vacation in Cancun. There you will be able to do several activities, all of them related to the commercial life of the place.

Obviously, since it is a shopping mall, in Plaza Kukulcan you can go to eat in different places that you will find there. In fact, the place has a food fair where there is a great gastronomic variety for all tastes, and also for all budgets.

Kukulkan Plaza mall: Shopping

Basically, this is the central activity around which the construction of Plaza Kukulcan revolves. This is a shopping mall where you can go to make all kinds of purchases, from technological devices to clothing, accessories, or sporting goods.

 Undoubtedly, shopping is one of the favorite activities when you go on a trip. In addition, in this mall there are also some stores that sell traditional Mexican clothing or accessories with a little more sophistication, so the possibilities are very wide.

Kukulkan Plaza mall: Shopping at Luxury Avenue

The Luxury Avenue is an extension of Plaza Kukulcan, and is basically a gallery located on the right side of the mall. There you can also shop for different clothing, accessories and technological items, with the only exception that it is much more exclusive.

In this gallery you will find quite expensive stores that offer a higher category of products. Among some of the most outstanding establishments are ‘Carolina Herrera’, ‘Louis Vuitton’, ‘Hugo Boss’, ‘Cartier’, and ‘MontBlanc’.

If you want to include a visit to this mall during your visit to Cancun, you should know that its opening hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 10 pm. In the case of restaurants, they are usually open from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to midnight.