Maya Ka’an in Riviera Maya, a tourist jewel

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Maya Ka’an in Riviera Maya, a tourist jewel

Maya Ka’an in Riviera Maya is a beautiful region where travelers can experience unique experiences. A lot of them, of low environmental impact. All of this in majestic natural surroundings. Visitors can also learn about the historical and cultural legacy of the Mayan people. Maya Ka’an in Riviera Maya is a destination that considers the concept of sustainability. It made its successful appearance at the Tianguis Turístico in 2014. The idea of this destination is to ensure the protection of the environment, the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Mayan communities and the direct benefit of these communities.

Maya Ka’an in Riviera Maya: What to see

Maya Ka’an’s activities are diverse and for all audiences. It offers 16 tours. You have to book in advance, given the capacity of the sites. Maya Ka’an offers nine ecotourism destinations: Punta Allen, Muyil and Punta Herrero, within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, and Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Señor, Tihosuco, Chunhuhub, Noh Bec and Kantemó in the surroundings of the same, all in the well-known Mayan Zone of Quintana Roo.

The first ones are nature tours, such as visiting canals and lagoons by kayak, bird watching, dolphin and turtle watching in the bays of the Reserve, visits to sites with millenary trees protected by the communities, and unique natural spectacles.

Maya Ka’an in Riviera Maya: Location

Maya Ka’an is located in the center of the state of Quintana Roo, bordering Tulum to the north, the Grand Costa Maya to the south, the Caribbean Sea to the east and the state of Yucatan to the west.

Located in the municipalities of Tulum, Felipe Carrillo Puerto and José María Morelos, this new destination integrates activities of contact with nature, tours to get to know the way of life of the local communities, live with the population, and learn about their history and traditions.

How to get there

It is possible to get there by hiring a tour or on your own by car through the different highways that connect the communities that make up Maya Ka’an:

  • Federal Highway 307 (Cancun-Chetumal)
  • Federal Highway 184 (Felipe Carrillo Puerto-Mérida)
  • Federal Highway 295 (Felipe Carrillo Puerto-Valladolid)
  • Federal Highway 293 (Chetumal-Mérida)
  • Highway 180 (Merida-Cancun).

Maya Ka’an in Riviera Maya: Issues to consider

Credit cards are not accepted at Maya Ka’an tourist sites. It is advisable to always carry low denomination cash, either pesos or U.S. dollars. ATMs are only available in Felipe Carrillo Puerto.