Torta de Kibi sandwich: a Yucatan staple

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Torta de Kibi sandwich: a Yucatan staple

Every place has a unique taste. Yucatan is no exception, especially Puerto Progreso. Here you can try the Torta de Kibi sandwich. It is savory and it aims to fill you for several hours. But more important: it is very tasty. Here are some tips on the torta de Kibi sandwich.

What is it

The torta de kibi is a mixture of an antojito and the traditional torta, which has been an exclusive morning dish in Progreso for more than 30 years, which recently had a major impact when it became known for a song dedicated to this dish by a street food business seeking to promote itself.

Torta de Kibi sandwich: what’s the recipe?

To make the kibi cake, loaf bread is used. And although wheat is the base of kibi, in Yucatán it has been regionalized by filling it with queso de bola, queso de hebra, castacán, shrimp and even chorizo; however, originally kibi is filled with cabbage and pieces of habanero chile. Dare to try this peculiar dish which never ceases to create new variations with different stews.

Come for the sandwich, stay for the beach

Just 30 minutes from Merida, Puerto Progreso is the favorite beach of Yucatecans because of its proximity to the city. One of the most representative icons of the Port of Progreso is its famous pier of arches. Progreso is one of the quieter beaches during most of the year and can be visited without crowds, but during the summer and Easter vacations, the place is packed.

Torta de Kibi sandwich: how to get to Puerto Progreso

If you are traveling by car, take Calle 60 or Avenida Paseo de Montejo and drive north until you pass under the ring road bridge. After this point it is about 20 minutes in a straight line to get to the beautiful port.