Muna in Yucatan

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Muna in Yucatan

The name Muna means “place of soft or tender water”. It is a small village with just over 11,000 inhabitants. They are mainly of Maya origin. It sits in the south of Yucatán, very close to the archaeological site of Uxmal, a World Cultural Heritage Site. Muna is a stop where you can live an adventure discovering places that exalt your senses. Here are some tips on Muna in Yucatan.

Muna in Yucatan: What to do

Upon embarking on your visit, you can kickstart your day by immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the municipal market. Wander through the stalls teeming with local flavors and aromas. Also, consider indulging in a delightful Yucatecan breakfast offered by the food stands lining one side of the market. Try among several options from tantalizing traditional dishes to refreshing fresh waters and naturally sweet fruits.

As you continue your journey, traverse the inviting pathways leading you to the heart of the town. It is the main park. As you cross this charming space, you’ll find yourself on the threshold of the ex-convent and the prominent main temple. It is a place of worship dedicated to the revered Virgin of the Assumption. Its striking reddish facade stands as a testament to its historical significance. Its origins trace back to the 18th century. Take a moment to capture the magnificence of this architectural marvel. Your camera will undoubtedly capture a snapshot of both history and artistry.

The Mirador

An absolute essential on your itinerary is a visit to the captivating Mirador de Muna. It is an enchanting location situated along the ancient road leading to Uxmal. Positioned atop the highest peak within the mountainous landscape of this charming town, the Mirador promises an unparalleled panoramic view that unveils the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding Mayan jungle. As you gaze out from this vantage point, you’ll find yourself immersed in a lush tapestry of greenery, where the verdant canopy stretches out before you in a breathtaking display of nature’s magnificence.

If you’re fortunate enough, the stars may align to grant you a truly magical sight—the splendid pyramid of Uxmal itself. While nature often provides its own spectacular showcase, the occasional glimpse of the renowned Uxmal pyramid amidst the treetops is an awe-inspiring moment that truly enriches your experience. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready, as capturing this unexpected marvel will undoubtedly become a cherished highlight of your visit to the Mirador de Muna.


Concluding your exploration of Muna’s intriguing offerings, the Hacienda San José Tip-Ceh awaits you near the fringes of the Muna-Ticul highway. Delve into the historical treasures of this estate by paying a visit to its principal house, power house, and chapel.

Interestingly, the roads connecting Muna to both Ticul and Uxmal play dual roles as pathways for both adventure and exploration. Enthusiastic mountain bikers and avid runners often tread these paths for training, adding a dynamic layer of energy to the surroundings. A word of caution: as you traverse these routes, remain mindful of the diverse activities taking place, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between explorers and athletes.

Muna in Yucatan: How to get there

Leaving Merida you only need to take the highway towards Uman, passing Yaxcopoil and Abalá until you reach Muna, a 67 km drive.