The best pizza places in Merida

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The best pizza places in Merida

Prepare to discover the best pizza places in Merida, where you can savor the authenticity of Italian pizza craftsmanship while indulging in the unique, locally-sourced ingredients that make Yucatan’s culinary heritage so exceptional. Get ready to discover a symphony of flavors that will transport your taste buds from the cobbled streets of Merida to the sun-soaked landscapes of Italy.

The best pizza places in Merida: Pizza E Core

Pizza E Core offers a delightful Italian culinary experience. Their pizza is a true masterpiece, prepared with a thin, flavorful crust, baked to perfection in a real brick oven. But the real star here is the fresh and authentic burrata, a creamy delight that elevates any meal. Don’t miss out on their garlic bread, which is both fragrant and delicious, and their pasta dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. To end your meal on a sweet note, indulge in their heavenly tiramisu, making Pizza E Core a must-visit for lovers of Italian cuisine in Merida.

Zavi Pizza

Zavi Pizza, a popular pizza joint in town, offers a diverse range of daily specials, such as the enticing 2×1 pasta deal every Wednesday. Among their fan favorites is the pizza topped with tender boneless chicken, which has earned quite a reputation. On select weekends, they even host live shows featuring local artists, creating a lively dining atmosphere. For those seeking a delectable pasta option, the alfredo pasta is a must-try, while seafood enthusiasts will delight in the flavors of the shrimp pizza.

The best pizza places in Merida: La Fogatta

La Fogatta, a renowned pizzeria in Merida, boasts a brick oven that ensures an authentic and delightful flavor in their pizzas. Beyond its delicious offerings, La Fogatta has gained popularity for its vibrant decor adorned with colorful tiles, creating a captivating ambiance for diners. One of their standout creations is the pizza featuring succulent al pastor meat, a true crowd-pleaser. For a unique local twist, don’t miss the opportunity to savor their pizza topped with chaya, a flavorful indigenous zucchini that adds a distinctive Yucatecan touch to the culinary experience.


Madremia Pizza in Merida offers a unique dining experience, particularly on warm evenings when their charming patio becomes a standout feature. While here, indulge in their delectable salad, generously adorned with an abundance of olives. Madremia Pizza is not limited to just pizzas; they also present calzones and pasta dishes, all generously layered with delicious cheese. Don’t forget to save room for their delightful dessert specialties, featuring a velvety panacotta and a classic tiramisu, adding a sweet and satisfying conclusion to your visit.