Kin Ha Isla Mujeres: Park of Dreams

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Kin Ha Isla Mujeres: Park of Dreams

Discover Kin Ha Isla Mujeres: a unique beach club concept blending restaurant, water park, and hotel. Sitting on the island’s southern tip, just a 7-minute taxi ride from the ferry dock, it offers diverse activities like swimming, snorkeling, and sunset viewing. Here’s your guide to Kin Ha, Park of Dreams.

Where is Kin Ha?

Kin Ha is south of Isla Mujeres. Just off Cancun’s coast lies a captivating island with stunning beaches ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. Explore downtown’s lively streets with charming shops and restaurants. Uncover the island’s history at Punta Sur Sculpture Garden and El Meco ruins. Dive into MUSA’s underwater wonders, featuring submerged sculptures. End your day with a stunning sunset at Punta Sur, the island’s southern tip.

Kin Ha is just close to Punta Sur and Garrafon Park. It’s not the easiest place to get to, but your time here will be much worth it. Plus, if you’d like to spend the night, the Casa de los Sueños hotel is right next door.

The check at Kin Ha

At Kin Ha, the payment process differs from other places. Upon arrival, you make an advance payment granting access to all facilities—swimming, dining, drinking, and entertainment. At day’s end, your expenses are tallied, and you’re charged only for any additional spending beyond your initial payment. This system ensures worry-free enjoyment; you’ve already covered your expenses!

What to do at Kin Ha Park of Dreams?

Kin Ha is unique—it’s a beach club without a beach. Instead, they’ve constructed a long pier with pool-like access points to the ocean. Enjoy water activities like snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding in its calm, transparent waters.

Should you want to swim in freshwater, Kin Ha has three pools: one for kids, with a water slide; another, for adults, next to the bar, from where you can order drinks; the third is an infinite pool, for the view.

Kin Ha’s Restaurant

There’s variety at Kin Ha’s restaurant. You can have a typical Mexican dish or an American burger. Eat and drink in one of the ocean-view terraces. One look at Kin Ha’s pier, in the middle of the transparent ocean, and the name “park of dreams” will make all the sense in the world.


Carretera a Garrafon Fracc. Turquesa lote 9 A y B 77400, Isla Mujeres

Hours of Operation: 8am-10pm Monday-Sunday