Xcalacoco Beach: Camping in a Riviera Maya

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Xcalacoco Beach: Camping in a Riviera Maya

Xcalacoco, this curiously named beach (it means “twin coconuts”) is another Riviera Maya site characterized for its exclusivity. The beach displays the typical attributes of the Caribbean: white sand, turquoise waters and amazing weather. And, there are even a few Mayan ruins you can observe around the zone

Where is Xcalacoco Beach?

This beach is north of Playa del Carmen, after a short drive you’ll be able to fully enjoy everything that Xcalacoco has to offer. We should warn you that this place has limited parking, consider this to make the plan best fitted for you.

Are there hotels and restaurants in Xcalacoco?

Yes, there are hotels and restaurants in this zone. Unlike other beaches at the Riviera Maya, this place is devoid of clubs and bars, so if you’re looking for a quiet day, this is the perfect beach to visit.

What is there to do?

Other than having a delicious meal in one of the beachfront restaurants, you can sit on a beach chair and enjoy the breathtaking view of this beautiful spot.

You can go snorkeling and swimming and even go on a boat tour. However, you’ll only be able to do that if the seas are calm.

There are several mangroves around Xcalacocos, you can visit them or go on a bike ride through the area and enjoy the nature that surrounds you.

Xcalacoco is a beach where many locals decide to camp. There are special areas for campers with facilities such as public showers and restrooms for the people who decide to spend the night outdoors. Again, this is a relatively secluded beach, which is why we recommend you to bring enough supplies from Playa del Carmen in case you want to stay. Why not try something different while on vacation? There is no better sound to fall asleep to than that of the Xcalacoco’s waves crashing against the shore.