The Cozumel Marina and its new bling

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The Cozumel Marina and its new bling

The Cozumel Marina is a project which the Mexican government funds. It spans 108 acres. Its position is unquestionably advantageous. It is only 5 miles and a 10-minute drive from Cozumel’s International Airport. The development is 100 meters, or 5 minutes away for passengers coming from the Puerta Maya cruise terminal. In recent years, it has undergone major remodeling, which has resulted in a beautiful, top-of-the-line marina.

What can you find

The Cozumel Marina has a beach club, a clubhouse, restaurants, sports courts, and the “El Aerolito” amusement park, among other things.  The green areas of the development have native flora species. Mainly those in the current environmental regulations with some status of protection and care.

In 2008, Fonatur laid the first stone of the marina, which at the time expected to attract 191 million dollars in private investment. This in addition to allowing the arrival of 36,000 new foreign visitors per year. With foreign exchange estimated at 45 million dollars annually. The complex has a capacity for 333 boats, three hotel lots with permits to develop up to 576 rooms, 469 condominium homes and 55 residences.

Some new ideas

In environmental matters, FONATUR is rehabilitating the natural marina known as “La Caleta”, which historically sheltered boats that provided tourist services in the area; as a result, hydrocarbons and organic matter have been dumped. With this expansion, the hotel and residential options are expanded; there will be a total of 1622 lodging units, 572 of which will be hotel rooms and 525 of which will be residential housing.

The starting point

Marina Cozumel is the start of the IRON MAN that year after year in Cozumel. From this pier, thousands of athletes start swimming. Thus begins the 2.36-mile stage in the sea. From this site, the athletes move to the Chankanaab Park. Here the bike stage begins and ends at the Plaza Quintana Roo, where the 26.22-mile race begins and ends.