Tihosuco near Tulum: a town with a pirate past

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Tihosuco near Tulum: a town with a pirate past

Tihosuco near Tulum is a small town in Quintana Roo. Its history begins with the arrival of the pirates, when they attacked and destroyed it. This, in their attempt to reach Valladolid. The indigenous people rose up and from there arose what we know today as the Caste War. This war ended up destroying what little was left of the site, leaving it almost completely demolished.

Some history at our disposal

If you like history and want to know a little more about these events, we have a tip. Create a vision of the life of the ancient settlers. The perfect place to visit is the Caste War Museum. It exhibits paintings, documents and objects that show everything that happened at that time. The entrance to this museum is free.

Tihosuco near Tulum: What to do

You can also visit the various churches and chapels that are around the place, which are painted with murals that tell the story of how this place came to be, certainly unique and charming places.

Music for all

During your tour through the streets you can observe the culture, traditions and way of life of the inhabitants, you will see colonial style roads that keep a lot of history behind them. Indeed, if you want to have a pleasant time, you can enjoy the trova music and the “Jarana”, which is a traditional dance of Yucatan, as well as restaurants that offer the typical cuisine of this incredible place. You will also enjoy listening to people telling stories in Maya and learning about manufacturers of henequen bags, traditional medicine, and regional toys, among other things. Tihosuco is definitely a magical destination worth visiting.

Tihosuco near Tulum: How to get there­

The easiest way to get there is from Merida. Take Federal Highway 307 to Cancun and head to Valladolid. Once there, follow the road to Felipe Carrillo Puerto until you find the sign indicating that you have arrived at Tihosuco. Your trip to get there will take approximately three hours.