El Corchito Natural Reserve 

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El Corchito Natural Reserve 

Visiting Puerto Progreso means spending time with and getting to know the nature that surrounds it; that is common and, evidently, an important part of the Yucatan Peninsula. And nowhere can you experience it better than at El Corchito Natural Reserve where, besides seeing the many species of plants and animals that inhabit this area up-close, you’ll get the opportunity to swim in water coming directly from Earth’s core.

Where is El Corchito Natural Reserve?

Puerto Progreso is one of the most popular places to visit in Yucatan because of the peculiarity of its sights, such as its dock, which is located over 4 miles into the sea. A few miles north of Merida, its tourist attractions, like El Corchito Natural Reserve, are easy to visit for those staying at Puerto Progreso itself or Yucatan’s capital city.

Part of the Cienegas and Mangroves Reserve, El Corchito is to the south of Puerto Progreso and cannot be accessed by car, having to take a boat to cross the Pink Lagoon instead.

What is there to see at El Corchito Natural Reserve?

Of course, being a protected area, here, visitors can see the flora and fauna of the area in its natural habitat. You’ve never seen a place like this one, though.

As we said before, visitors cross over on a boat to a network of canals that are completely roofed over by the trees, making them something like natural tunnels. The tour is a great opportunity to see the several species of animals living here, like herons, deer, and the ever-curious raccoons. The flamingos like to take off flying in large groups and seeing that pink cloud over the blue sky is a sight to behold.

Swim at El Corchito’s cenotes and natural springs

El Corchito is home to three cenotes and two natural springs, some of which are open for visitors to enjoy. They’re not like any cenote you’ve seen, though. They are obscured by the massive number of trees which suddenly make way to reveal these turquoise bodies of water.

Sights at El Corchito seem to have been taken right out of a fantasy novel.