Fly, Drive, and Swim in the Jungle at Selvatica

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Fly, Drive, and Swim in the Jungle at Selvatica

A lot of tourist sites boast about being the best, but Selvatica park actually has the evidence to back it up. TripAdvisor considers it the best adventure park in Cancun and one of the top five in the world. It’s also certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology, so you can bet you’ll have a thrilling and safe experience here.

The Zip Lines at Selvatica

Without a doubt, the zip line circuits are the focal point of Selvatica. There are 8 of them, each with a different kind of ride. Some are your normal cling-on-to-the-rope-for-dear-life style, while others are a bit more… creative? On the rollercoaster zipline, for instance, you fly attached to a rollercoaster rail—with you as the car. And, if you feel you need a new perspective on things, you can ask the guides to hang you upside down. It’s entirely up to you if you want to become Batman of the jungle.

Not everything is zip lines, though. Visitors cross the jungle on foot between platforms, and you come across hanging bridges from time to time. They’re not too high, so don’t worry. Worry about the bungee swing, instead, which will take you from the treetops to the ground, and back up again, in mere seconds.

Selvatica’s Fun on Wheels

If you’ve had enough of hanging under a rope, maybe you’re ready to sit behind a wheel. Selvatica features a selection of off-road vehicles to cross the jungle on a track. And you don’t have to worry about Colin McCrae suddenly showing up among your group and wanting to claim the title of Selvatica’s best rally driver. All the vehicles ride at the same speed, behind the guides, in single file.

Dive into Selvatica’s cenote before lunch

Your adventure ends at a cenote which is right in the middle of Selvatica. Sure, you could just climb down to it, but you already rode a zip line upside-down. Why not ride another and splash right in the middle of the crystal-clear water below?

After all that, you’re probably hungry, but don’t take a bite out of the local wildlife just yet. Selvatica’s all-inclusive package includes a lunch featuring local food.

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