The best boutique hotels in Merida

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The best boutique hotels in Merida

These enchanting properties, often within meticulously reconverted historic mansions, offer an extraordinary blend of tradition and modernity. Here, you’ll not only find opulent accommodations but also kitchens that tantalize your taste buds. This, with a fusion of both authentic Yucatecan and innovative international flavors. Step back in time as you immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of these boutique hotels. Every night feels like a journey into the past, promising an unforgettable stay. Here are the best boutique hotels in Merida.

Casa Lecanda

Casa Lecanda offers an enchanting escape for adults. It is in the heart of the historic center. This exquisite property is a testament to meticulous attention to detail. Both in its architectural design and lush landscaping. Guests will admire the beautifully restored windows and doors. They frame breathtaking views of the meticulously manicured gardens and serene patios. With its delightful tiled courtyards, inviting pool, and luxurious rooms, Casa Lecanda is a haven of tranquility and elegance.

The best boutique hotels in Merida: Künük

Künük is a boutique hotel in Mérida that offers 13 spacious rooms designed with comfort in mind. They showcase delicate wood details and modern amenities, including Nespresso coffee machines. The original building dates form 1905. This historic house spans across Calle 59. It is a prominent street in Mérida with a rich historical backdrop. The property has undergone careful renovations, preserving the unique charm of period architecture while infusing a modern sensibility that seamlessly bridges the past and the 21st century. The state-of-the-art rooms are thoughtfully arranged around a grand central tree, enveloped by lush greenery that nurtures the entire garden ecosystem, creating a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city.

Rosas y Xocolate

Rosas y Xocolate is a luxurious boutique hotel and spa in Mérida, housed in two beautifully restored French-style mansions along Paseo Montejo. The hotel boasts seventeen rooms, each featuring a private outdoor Jacuzzi that invites you to bask under the open sky, whether it be in the warmth of the sun or the soft glow of the moon. Hermetic glass windows create a serene atmosphere, allowing rooms to be bathed in natural light during twilight while maintaining perfect tranquility. The interiors are adorned with solid cedar carpentry and fine cotton fabrics, ensuring a sensory experience of utmost comfort and pleasure. To elevate your stay, the hotel offers award-winning cuisine at Rosas y Xocolate Restaurant, where Chef David Segovia presents signature dishes and inspired gastronomy.

The best boutique hotels in Merida: Hotel Casa Azul

Hotel Casa Azul, a true gem of the XIX century located just steps away from the illustrious Paseo de Montejo, stands as a historical monument preserving its original architectural beauty. This boutique hotel, with only eight suites, offers a serene retreat in the heart of Mérida. In the backyard, a refreshing outdoor pool and whirlpool tub await, providing a delightful respite on warm days. Additionally, an elegant terrace at the front of the hotel sets the scene for gourmet dinners and evening drinks, accompanied by the melodies of traditional Yucatecan music. The hotel’s amenities include free WiFi, private parking, and easy access to the city center, just a 20-minute walk away.