The best seafood restaurants in Tulum

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The best seafood restaurants in Tulum

Tulum has become a seafood lover’s paradise. With its proximity to the Caribbean Sea, it’s no surprise that Tulum boasts a variety of seafood restaurants that offer some of the freshest catches in the region. Recently, the influence of Ensenada-style tacos has swept through the town, making for a delectable fusion of flavors. These seafood establishments are a must-visit for those craving the tantalizing tastes of the sea in a picturesque beachside setting. Here are the best seafood restaurants in Tulum.

The King

At The King, a beloved local gem in Tulum, a delightful fusion of Sinaloan coastal flavors and Mexican culinary traditions awaits. This pet-friendly and LGBTQ+ inclusive establishment has made a name for itself with its exceptional gastronomic offerings. Don’t miss out on their Taco Gobernador featuring succulent shrimp. The gravity-defying tostadas are also a must-try, particularly the Supreme Tostada, which showcases an array of seafood delights like shrimp, octopus, tuna, and scallop. For vegan enthusiasts, the cauliflower tostada offers a delectable alternative that’s equally satisfying.

The best seafood restaurants in Tulum: El Capitán

El Capitan is a fantastic spot nestled a refreshing palapa in Tulum. They open their doors early at 7:30, catering to the vibrant Tulum nightlife with hangover specials, including revitalizing clamato cocktails and spicy chilaquiles. Be sure to savor their House Ceviche infused with the fiery kick of habanero pepper. If you’re craving something heartier, you won’t want to miss their generously sized and incredibly tasty shrimp quesadillas.

El Oasis Mariscos

El Oasis Mariscos Tulum is a seafood haven that seamlessly blends Mexican and Peruvian culinary influences. Begin your feast with a visit to their fresh oyster bar, where you can indulge in a burst of oceanic flavors. As you proceed through the menu, be sure to sample their delectable starters, such as the mouthwatering grilled tuna tacos. For a taste of Veracruz’s culinary heritage, don’t miss their specialty tumbada rice. The coconut shrimp here are a delightful treat, beautifully presented and bursting with flavor. To round off your seafood adventure on a sweet note, the chocolate fondant is a perfect choice.

The best seafood restaurants in Tulum: El Chino

El Chino is a beloved spot in Tulum, drawing both locals and visitors seeking delicious seafood with a spicy twist. Known for its excellent service and wallet-friendly prices, it’s a favorite among discerning diners. When you visit, be sure to order the aguachile, a delightful dish that generously serves two. El Chino excels in its cold bar offerings, featuring a tantalizing array of ceviches and seafood cocktails. Don’t miss the squid ceviche, a refreshing treat. Another must-try is the “vuelve a la vida” cocktail, a seafood medley with a tomato-based, spicy kick that incorporates a little bit of everything from the ocean.