Yanten Bay: between the reef and paradise

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Yanten Bay: between the reef and paradise

Yanten Bay is part of the city of Puerto Aventuras. Despite it’s location near a busy city, a few meters offshore you can see the Mesoamerican Reef.

What you can find at Yanten Bay

You can visit the shallow seabed and its rich variety of tropical fish, as well as manta rays, starfish, sea turtles, and even manatees or dolphins, without the need for neoprene or an oxygen tank. There are also ecotours on boats with transparent bottoms so that people may see their aquatic neighbors without getting wet or having the need to swim. The majority of the locations on the reef where these aquatic activities are held have been designated as protected natural parks.

A completely different environment; a life-changing encounter that will cause your body to feel peaceful and relaxed while you actually enjoy a well-earned vacation. Swim in the clean seawater and take in the vibrant reefs and aquatic life. Most of Tulum Charter’s tours include a meal and equipment where you can enjoy a full-luxury experience with ceviche made with fresh fish and alcoholic beverages.

Some tips

Corals should not be touched. Steer clear of the reef. You risk having your foot slashed by the sharp coral or suffering painful injuries if you tread on a stonefish or sea urchin. Never pursue marine life. For both your protection and the safety of the wildlife, maintaining a safe distance is essential. Never give fish or other aquatic animals food. You shouldn’t be feeding the reef fish and other sea life because they are not your pets. Pick up trash if you see it. Being a responsible snorkeler has made cleaning up our waters a fundamental value. Bring a mesh bag with you so you may gather floating trash and remove anything improperly placed on the coral reef (such as fishing line, nets, etc.).