Make The Zacil-Ha Cenote Your Home Base

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Make The Zacil-Ha Cenote Your Home Base

Rather than going for a swim, Zacil-Ha Cenote is conceived as a place to spend a couple of relaxing days surrounded by nature.

Where is Zacil-Ha?

Zacil-Ha Cenote is just north of the Tulum archeological site. As you can spend the night here, why not make it your home base for a couple of days while you visit the ruins? The famous Gran Cenote and Cenote Calavera are just down the road, too.

What facilities are there in Zacil-Ha?

Zacil-Ha is far from being just a cenote. It has everything you need to have a comfortable weekend.

But it doesn’t matter if you’re not planning to stay overnight, your entry gives access to the whole place. That includes, besides the usual bathrooms and changing rooms, access to the pools and rest areas. Bring your food in a standard-sized cooler (they measure it at the entrance) and have a comfy picnic at the tables. It doesn’t have to be cooked, either, as this place has grills for cooking meat.

Rent one of Zacil-Ha’s cabins—whether it’s for two people or four—, and you automatically gain access to all of that. Though small, they include everything you need for a comfortable stay: mosquito nets for the beds, bathroom, TV, and small fridge. There’s a comfortable porch in every cabin with tables, chairs, and hammocks.

The Zacil-Ha Cenote

It might be surprising to hear, after looking at all the facilities Zacil-Ha has to offer, but the cenote is quite small—and can get pretty packed. That doesn’t make it any less attractive though, especially in the hot months—which is all of them. Its low depth—6.5 to 10 feet—makes it perfect for the entire family. Beginner scuba divers like to practice here, too.

If the cenote at Zacil-Ha is a bit too crowded for you, why not go check the Gran and Calavera cenotes, or the Tulum ruins nearby and return for a good night’s sleep? We’re sure the Zacil-Ha Cenote won’t be too crowded in the morning.

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