A place built by Nature itself: Nest Tulum

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A place built by Nature itself: Nest Tulum

Tulum certainly is a mystical place and some of the lodgings here are not afraid to show it. Instead of a human design, Nest Tulum looks like it was built by Nature itself, and has been here since the dawn of time.

Where is Nest Tulum?

One of the most famous spots in the Riviera Maya, the town of Tulum is south of Playa del Carmen, halfway down the Quintana Roo coast. To get there one would only have to follow Highway 307, also known as the Chetumal-Cancun Highway.

At the crossroads at the outskirts of Tulum, turn into Coba Avenue—a.k.a. Highway 15, which borders the town—and follow it south towards the ocean. Continue on Highway 15 after the roundabout until you find it.

The rooms at Nest

Nest Tulum is particular in that it only has 12 rooms, plus a private villa. Built with a mix of traditional, rustic, and modern elements, they’re quite unique: cozy cabins in an exclusive environment that, rather than leaving the natural environment outside its walls, invites it in for a unique lodging experience. Some rooms are right on the beach while others are—it feels like—buried in the jungle.

Try traditional local cuisine with a twist

Nest also invites the local culture inside its walls and blends it in with its style. The main restaurant, called Nü, has been gaining recognition for modernizing local and traditional Mexican dishes.

Like everything else at Nest, its setting is also unique. It’s not your run-of-the-mill establishment but is surrounded by jungle and a rustic wooden fence. Thatched roofs and rustic furniture crown the feeling of being one with nature.

Other Amenities

Nest is serious about promoting its message of getting healed by nature; not only by bringing you close to it but with several extra activities. There are private yoga and meditation classes, a spa, and traditional Mayan healing ceremonies, too.

For more information and bookings go to https://www.nesttulum.com/