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Xel ha ruins

Xel ha: Where the Waters Meet

Xel-Ha is another port settlement from where Mayans sailed to the nearby island of Cozumel to ask Ixchel, the goddess of fertility, for happy marriages and healthy pregnancies. Because this settlement is not directly exposed to the sea, ships launched from the small inlet, thus giving the place its name: Xel-Ha—”water entrance” (or something along…
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Chacchoben: The Star of the South

Though very different from Chichen Itza, Chacchoben represents serious competition for the big Mayan celebrity. Not many have heard of it, but it is actually the most popular Mayan ruins south of the Yucatan Peninsula. There has to be a reason, right? Chacchoben was not a small town by any means Chacchoben is one of…
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El Meco

El Meco: The Original Cancun Lighthouse

“El Meco” is one of the smaller archeological sites along the Riviera Maya and doesn’t take much time to visit. It’s a great stop on your way to somewhere else. Because it is the higher structure in the area, it offer a clear image of what life was like when the Mayans ruled. What does…
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San Miguelito

San Miguelito: Ruins and Museum in One

Usually, archeological sites don’t have their own museum, but they do at San Miguelito. Located right in Cancun’s hotel zone, San Miguelito is the perfect stop for those who would like to see Mayan ruins, but not venture too far off the beaten path. Curiosities about San Miguelito I know what you’re thinking: San Miguelito…
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Climb the Ancient Ruins of Coba

Coba is not like any other ancient Mayan city. Rather than a single settlement, it is composed of many. Stone and white roads connect everything to the central—and huge—pyramid. Visiting Coba, you’ll truly see a place like no other. How Coba got to be Coba It is a fact of life nobody can live without…
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The Moated City of Becan

There’s a general rule when it comes to motes: if you need one, you’re probably fighting a lot of wars. Becan might seem peaceful at first, but its unusual mote betrays that initial impression. In reality, it had a complicated history with its rival Tikal, in Guatemala. Complicated and violent, as its defensive measures show.…
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Muyil, the Beginning of an Impressive Settlement

Generally speaking, there seem to be two kinds of Mayan ruins along the Yucatan Peninsula. Some, in the middle of cities and towns, are impossible to miss. You can walk right by the others, buried deep in the jungle, without ever knowing there’s a huge settlement behind the tree line. Muyil belongs to this second…
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Tulum Ruins: History With a View

If you’ve heard of the Riviera Maya, chances are you’ve heard of Tulum. Its ruins are the most visited in the whole of the Yucatan Peninsula, and the views of the turquoise ocean below seem to be taken right out of someone’s fantasy. Trust us—there’s a reason we named our company after this place. Tulum’s…
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Uxmal in Yucatan: Come for the Pyramid. Stay for the Light Show.

Uxmal in Yucatan is another one of those places in the Yucatan Peninsula that you’ve probably heard mentioned more than once. With a population of around 20,000, it used to be one of the largest cities here. As you can guess, there’s quite a lot to see here. It is one of the most important…
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El Rey Ruins

El Rey: A Bite-Sized Archeological Site

This is not the biggest archeological site in the Riviera Maya, for sure, but El Rey’s location—right in the middle of Cancun’s hotel zone—might be its biggest advantage. It’s a great place to see if you want to do a little bit of everything or you’re planning to go to other, bigger sites, like Chichen…
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