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chichen itza

Chichen Itza: A Melting Pot

This is it. The big cheese—the big Cheese- Chen Itza. There are not many people in this part of the world who haven’t heard of Chichen Itza. Actually, being a UNESCO World Heritage site and the second most visited archaeological site in Mexico, there are not many people who haven’t heard of Chichen Itza, period.…
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Calakmul: A Fortress Hidden in the Jungle

A UNESCO World Heritage site of 27 square miles and over six thousand structures, Calakmul can’t be seen in its entirety in a single day. It takes several to cover all its structures, sites, and wonders of engineering. Because of that, this is the main attraction for global archeological enthusiasts. Calakmul’s conflictive past Calakmul’s relationship…
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Bonampak Painting

Bonampak: The City that Changed our Understanding of the Maya

Archeological sites are important for different reasons. Some, for their huge structures; some, for their location. Bonampak became extremely important for its frescoes, which many believe changed what we thought we knew about Mayan society. Bonampak lived in perpetual conflict along the Usumacinta Like many other important Mayan cities, Bonampak lies along the Usumacinta River.…
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Balamku: Where Kings and Jaguars Roam

Don’t think just because Balamku is small you should skip it in favor of other, bigger ruins. Despite its size, this ancient site in Campeche hides one of the most valuable treasures the Mayans left for us to find. Balamku’s Jaguar Close to another, more famous archeological site—Calakmul—, Balamku only features three small groups of…
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Ake: Two Ruins for the Price of One

What’s really interesting about the ruins at Ake, which are missing from similar archeological sites, is that the ancient Mayan city is not the only ruins here, there are also other, more recent, Spanish colonial ruins. And the clash of both is what gives the visitor the unique opportunity to experience centuries of Mexican history…
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ek balam

The Revolutionary Building Decorations at Ek Balam

Get ready to discover the most extensive Mayan ruins you’ve never heard of. Ek Balam, which was an active city for a whole millennium, is as big as it is impressive. So much so, that the art and history found here rival more famous places, like Chichen Itza. Get ready to walk in Ek Balam…
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